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Workers’ Compensation

Have You Been Injured While Working in New York City?

Many of us get up and go to work every day without thinking twice about what might happen if we were suddenly unable to do our jobs due to injury or illness. Unfortunately, people must face such circumstances after being injured by workplace accidents or hazards. If you have suffered an injury or illness in your workplace, you could be eligible for benefits. The Queens workers’ compensation lawyers at The Cassisi Law Firm are dedicated to making sure workers can continue to provide for themselves and their families following a job-related injury. Representing clients in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and throughout New York City, the Cassisi Law Firm has worked tirelessly for over 30 years to make sure injured workers receive the compensation they deserve.

Rights to Workers’ Compensation in New York

Virtually all New York employers must provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their employees. Benefits, in the form of cash or medical care, are owed to workers who have been injured or fallen ill as a direct result of their job. On-the-job injuries include bodily injury as well as occupational disease, such as asbestosis due to asbestos removal, and occupational hearing loss. Various workplace factors can contribute to an injury, including:

  • Repetitive stress
  • Car accidents related to work
  • Electrocution
  • Construction accidents
  • Heavy lifting
  • Chemical or fume exposure

Filing a workers’ compensation insurance claim and receiving due benefits can be a daunting endeavor, especially for a recently injured person who is in substantial pain and has physical limitations. Steps such as choosing a doctor, filing necessary paperwork, and submitting wage-and-hour claims all need careful consideration to ensure they are done properly. Time is of the essence to receive your workers’ compensation benefits. An injured or sick employee must file a claim within two years of the accident, or within two years after the employee knew or should have known that an illness was job-related.

Further actions will be necessary if your claim is denied. Consulting an experienced attorney can help ease the stress of this complicated process.

What Benefits Are Available to Injured Workers?

Injuries suffered in the workplace can result in short-term, long-term, and even permanent disability. Benefits can take many different forms, the details of which may be difficult to understand. The amount of workers’ compensation benefits is also calculated differently depending on the degree of the injury as well as the type of benefit received:

  • Cash Benefits are given to totally or partially disabled workers who are unable to work for more than seven days. The amount received is calculated based on the worker’s average weekly wage for the prior year.
  • Medical Benefits are owed for any medical care related to injury or illness and the recovery thereof. The Workers’ Compensation Board must authorize treating doctors, except in the case of an emergency.
  • Social Security Benefits may be available for an injured worker who becomes seriously disabled, either permanently or for a continuous period of one year.
  • Death Benefits may be available to the employee’s surviving spouse or minor children in the event that a workplace injury results in a fatality.
Get Started With a Free Consultation From a Queens Law Firm

If you have sustained an injury in the workplace and are unsure of how to proceed on filing a claim, or if you have been denied workers’ compensation benefits, contact our office for assistance. Armed with three decades of experience, the Queens workplace injury attorneys at The Cassisi Law Firm are dedicated to advocating on your behalf to help you receive the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. We aid injured workers throughout New York City. If you’ve been injured at work, contact us at ,, or use the online form to set up a free consultation.

Client Reviews
"John Cassisi I thank you so much for all your dedication and personal attention when dealing with my case. I received a substantial settlement even though I never thought I could and because of that I was able to make my kids dreams come true. You are the best!" A.G former client
"The Cassisi Law Firm was recommended to me by my brother-in-law. What a great experience. The attorney and staff were so attentive, thoughtful and most importantly retuned every one of my many of phone calls throughout the span of my case! You guys are the best!!" A.L, a very happy former client
"I highly recommend The Cassisi Law Firm to anyone who wants to win a case! I was in a car accident few years ago and it took them only year and a half to settle my case. They really were so attentive and communicated so well with me, by giving me case updates on monthly basis and took care of my disability paperwork that had to be filed with my employer. I am so happy that I had found John Cassisi and his staff! Thank you!" S.Alvaresi, prior client