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Scarring & Disfigurement

Queens Attorneys Protecting the Rights of Accident Victims

Although there are many accidents from which an individual may recover completely, not every injury heals to the extent that the victim is just the same as before, in terms of either physical capabilities or appearance. Sadly, some accidents result in permanent scarring or disfigurement that, even if it does not create a serious disability, may nevertheless cause emotional and economic harm. If you or someone close to you has been involved in an event that left permanent scarring or disfigurement, you can contact one of the injury lawyers at The Cassisi Law Firm. We have assisted many Queens residents and other individuals throughout the Bronx and Brooklyn, as well as Nassau and Suffolk Counties, in seeking monetary damages for the harm that they have endured.

Bringing a Negligence Claim to Seek Compensation for Scarring and Disfigurement

Many types of accidents, particularly those that involve severe lacerations or burning, can cause scarring and disfigurement. Some examples include motor vehicle collisions, dog bites, chemical exposure, medical malpractice, and construction accidents. Unfortunately, many of these events are preventable. Negligence is a specific legal claim that may arise when an injury was brought about by someone’s carelessness. To succeed in this claim, an injured person, or plaintiff, must show that:

  • The negligent party, or defendant, owed a duty to the victim;
  • The defendant breached this duty;
  • The breach directly caused an accident that led to an injury; and
  • The injury resulted in damages to the plaintiff.

When a plaintiff can prove negligence, a defendant may be held liable for all the costs and losses caused, including medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, the costs of future treatment, and any other applicable damages.

In the case of permanent scarring or disfigurement, the damages can be considerable and include the medical costs of treating the original injury. For example, the victim may need reconstructive or plastic surgery in order to reduce the appearance of scars or repair cosmetic damage, even if the surgery must be performed at a later date. There may also be long-term pain and suffering, particularly if the scarring or disfigurement is significant.

Scarring or disfigurement, particularly if it appears on exposed areas such as the face, neck, arms, hands, or legs, can cause significant emotional damages that may be compensable. Celebrities and models are not the only people who may be harmed psychologically and economically by injuries that affect their physical appearance. Any person who regularly comes into contact with the public can be affected, ranging from students and retail sales associates to teachers and receptionists.

Explore Your Options with an Injury Lawyer in Queens

In negligence cases involving scarring or disfigurement, we know that the injuries are not short-lived but can have a lasting impact on the emotional, financial, and physical well-being of the injured party. While monetary damages cannot fully compensate for this sort of harm, it is appropriate for any negligent actor who caused an injury to be held accountable and bear the burden of the financial difficulties they have placed on a victim and his or her family. To schedule a free consultation after a car accident or another devastating event, you can call the Queens attorneys at The Cassisi Law Firm at or use our online form.

Client Reviews
"John Cassisi I thank you so much for all your dedication and personal attention when dealing with my case. I received a substantial settlement even though I never thought I could and because of that I was able to make my kids dreams come true. You are the best!" A.G former client
"The Cassisi Law Firm was recommended to me by my brother-in-law. What a great experience. The attorney and staff were so attentive, thoughtful and most importantly retuned every one of my many of phone calls throughout the span of my case! You guys are the best!!" A.L, a very happy former client
"I highly recommend The Cassisi Law Firm to anyone who wants to win a case! I was in a car accident few years ago and it took them only year and a half to settle my case. They really were so attentive and communicated so well with me, by giving me case updates on monthly basis and took care of my disability paperwork that had to be filed with my employer. I am so happy that I had found John Cassisi and his staff! Thank you!" S.Alvaresi, prior client